Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Worst nail product I have ever tried in my life!

Today’s blog is definitely going to be more on the rant-y side. For those of you who are in Bahrain and love nail polish and other nail enamel, this is for you.

A month ago, I purchased this product, which is an adhesive mirror-like sheet that is supposed to stick to your nail, creating a mirror effect. I bought it from a local shop, called Red Lips, which sells a variety of cosmetics. Here’s what the product looks like:

It is basically an adhesive lacquer and a roll of the metallic sheet. The color I got was ‘Smokey Silver’. In order to do this fair to this product, I tried it multiple times and hated the results. Today, finally, I gave up on it.

First let me explain how it works.. First you cut little strips of the roll and pre-prepare them.

You then paint your nails with a thin layer of this adhesive lacquer.

As you can see the adhesive is quite clear, but it does not go on smooth at all, it is a little bumpy.

15 minutes later, once it is completely dried, you place the little squares on your nail and rub until all of the metallic is on your nail and the paper becomes transparent.

Here is what it looks like. As you can see it is quite gross. It is not a nice effect at all. There are gaps in between the silver, so it looks quite sloppy and chipped.

I tried it in 3 different ways, on my index finger, I applied only one layer. On my middle finger I applied two and on my ring finger, I also applied two, but added a clear top coat.

 This is what my nails looks like completed.

The saleslady claimed that this lasts more than normal nail polish does, that it does not chip, and that it gives a perfect flawless finish. Since I couldn’t try in the shop, I just bought it. The adhesive cost me BD 2 ($5) and the roll cost BD 3 ($8), so all in all, didn’t spend too much money on that, but still honestly quite disappointed in the product.

Less than 10 hours later… This is what my nails look like.

As you can see, my nails look terrible. They don’t just look terrible, they feel terrible. It's "goop-y" and sticky and rubs off! The topcoat that I added on my ring finger is the only thing that prevented the nail polish from wearing off, which is what happened on my middle and index fingers. All in all, the quality is terrible, it feels terrible on my nails, and it looks terrible! Even with the topcoat on it is not even remotely smooth.

And when I came to take it off? That was a disaster. You're supposed to wipe it off with nail polish remover. However, no matter how much i tried it wouldn't wipe off. I ended up scratching the goop off of my nails. They were the consistency of boogers. Not kidding.

I do not recommend this product to ANYONE. Unless you like terrible looking, sloppy nails. Although I dont recommed you purchase this product, here's the website for the shop. http://redlips.ba7r.org/
It is all in Arabic though, so mind that. If you would like a direct link to this product: http://redlips.ba7r.org/t14-topic#40

Thank you for visiting cosmeticcraving and hope this helped you all! If there are any questions or requests, do not hesitate to ask! Hope to see you here again and don’t forget to follow if you haven’t already!

Please note that these products were bought by me using my own money and were not sent to me by anyone for review. I am not affiliated with this brand in any way. All opinions are genuinely mine and 100% honest.

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