Thursday, September 8, 2011

Things I Wish I could Get Away With

I'm starting to a feel a bit more comfortable when it comes to experimenting with my clothes and I'm starting to wear things that i didn't think i would before and its awesome!

However there are still things out there that i wish i could get away with. There's always some reason or another why some outfits or clothing items are never in my closet. I see things on models or mannequins or on hangers in stores and then i try them on and they either don't suit me or look good on me or i don't have the confidence to wear them.

So this is a little feature of things i wish i could get away with in real life and be able to wear and not worry!
(Not only clothes)

^ I'm not sure if this is the girls real hair or a clip on

^ A simple vest (for some reason i can never feel like i can pull this off)

^ Denim tops

^Giant round shades

^Formal skirts in any color (except black ones: i love those!)

^This entire outfit but not the boots because i don't really like them much

Sorry for a sort of boring post, i had a long day and i still have a long day ahead of me tomorrow. Will post something more worthy tomorrow xx

Disclaimer: I do not claim these photos as my own, all of them are from

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