Friday, September 2, 2011

John Frieda Collection--frizz-ease--Dream Curls spray

So since I did a straight hair product yesterday, I thought I might as well do a review on a product that I use when I leave my hair in its natural curly state.

The product I’m using is John Frieda’s Dream Curls (curl perfecting spray).

On the back of the bottle it says: “Exceptional, alcohol-free curl perfecter transforms wilted waves and limp curls into sexy, highly defined swirls and curls that are soft and silky, never crispy or sticky”.

Putting that in mind, I must say, I have a little bit of mixed feelings on this product.

There are a few things that I appreciate, such as that it is alcohol free. A high alcohol content can be an issue for my hair since it is on the dryer side and tends to fall out a lot. Another thing that I quite like that it controls my frizz. This product is part of the John Frieda Frizz-ease line, and I think it works quite nicely in that category.

Since I have naturally curly hair, I try to find products that define and hold that curl, since it does become droopy and frizzy throughout the day. At first, when I first spray it onto my damp—towel dried—hair, it is quite sticky. It stays sticky for the next 30 minutes to an hour, since I let my hair air dry. Thankfully, the stickiness disappears and leaves your hair feeling quite nice. It holds my curl towards the bottom half of my hair, but the top half kind of droops throughout the day, which is not really surprising since my hair quite likes doing that. I tried using a little more of it the next time, and it worked quite well, but still no root-to-tip curl like I wanted. Still love the definition from halfway down my hair to my ends though!

The next morning, I like to spray it onto my hair for a little pick-me-up and I find this works quite well. The product has a scent which is quite strong when you first spray it onto your hair but disappears within moments (not smelly, just a product-y smell, which I actually quite like).You do have to use quite a bit of this product though! I used about 20% and I haven’t been using it all that long!

All in all, good product. I might purchase this again, if I don’t find a better curling spray once I’m out of this one.

You can get this product in drugstores in both the UK and US. I believe it retails for something like $5-7 but unfortunately, everything is more expensive where I am. I bought this for BD 5.20.

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