Thursday, September 8, 2011

Do you want shiny healthy hair?

First of all, I apologize for not putting up a post yesterday! Some things came up, and then it got late, etc etc.. Sorry about that!

Today’s blog is an essential for every woman out there! It’s about a great straightener. I’ve been using this straightener for 4 years and counting, and it has been amazing the entire time. It’s the BRAUN satin hair straightener 7. It comes with a satin ion technology that supposedly smoothes your hair and boosts its shine. It really does work! Back in school when I was ignorant to heat protectant and shine boosting sprays, it really made a difference. It still does. My messy tangled curly hair transforms into a sleek sophisticated stick-straight ‘do, and I love it!

I’ve tried a variety of different straighteners that belong to my friends, sister, cousins, etc, but this one really does make a difference. I also find that it doesn’t damage my hair as much. With other straighteners, I find that a lot pull on my hair, don’t glide as smoothly or just plain out cause split ends. But with this one, I’ve only had happy ends! I absolutely love this and I have recommended this to a lot of people, and they too swear by it today!

130°C to 200°C
IONTEC innovation
Restores the moisture balance of your hair
NanoGlide ceramic plates
Plates are spring-supported

Here’s a direct link to the official website for the straightener. It has all the information on there.

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