Saturday, September 3, 2011

Favorite Mascara Of All Time

Hey everyone, glad to have the opportunity to join this beautiful blog by invitation from the lovely Aysha <3 Hope not to disappoint!

I was racking my brain trying to think of a first post worthy enough to actually be posted and viola decided to talk about mascaras!

I’ve gone through a bunch of different mascaras throughout the years and I’ve come to realize that some of the well known brands out there are a little bit disappointing when it comes to volume adding mascaras.

I started out with the Bobbi Brown mascara but it didn't really satisfy me so I moved on to Inglot and it was pretty good but the mascara brush was straight and I thought I should change to a different one so I ended up getting the Bourjois Volume Glamour Ultra Curl mascara. When I found this one I thought OMG this is all I’m going to use from now on and kept using it for months. Then one day I was shopping and went past a Maybelline stand that had a bunch of mascaras and eyeliners and everything you’d expect. I looked through the stuff and gave the Falsies Volum Express a try and I haven’t regretted that purchase since! It’s now my favorite go-to product! I tried out the Black Drama edition and also the normal plain Volum Express and settled on the Black Drama one!

It has a pretty big brush and is perfect for adding some much needed volume. It doesn’t need a lot of coats as well, a couple of coats does the trick for me and thankfully it doesn’t clump up as much as the other mascaras do.

(Quick tip: if your lashes tend to stick together after putting on some mascara use a small pointed needle [Be VERY careful] to unstick them! Sometimes a small bobby pin works as well. If you’re hesitant or scared to try the needle you could use the end of one of your earrings to do it)

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