Thursday, September 1, 2011

My guardian angel?

Since I have very curly hair, I’m always on the hunt for good heat protecting products for when I use my flat iron on it. I do enjoy a good stick-straight look from time to time, but I always feel guilty about the damage I’m doing to my hair. Moreover, it seems that every time I straighten it, it’ll get a little wavy around my neck or at my roots the next day.

But here’s the solution to all those problems:

It’s the Schwarzkopf got2b guardian angel gloss finish flat iron balm.

This product is definitely the best I’ve tried for straightening hair. It’s meant to be used on dry hair, though, so please note that. I usually use TRESemmé Heat Defense styling spray on towel-dried hair then blow-drying. When my hair is 90-100% dry, I’ll spray some of the Schwarzkopf guardian angel flat iron balm onto my hair and brush it through. Then straighten my hair in sections. I only use this for straightening my hair, and not curling it. I wouldn’t recommend this for curling your hair.

What I personally like about this product is the sheen it gives to hair. It gives a natural shine, without making the hair greasy. Once you have straightened you hair, the product is so lightweight that you can barely feel it on! 

It also keeps your hair straight for a really long time. I personally wash my hair every other day, so after I got out of the shower, I did my hair and it stayed stick straight until the next time I washed it.

This product also has a slight scent. It’s a very subtle fragrance and smells slightly floral, which I like. A lot of got2b products don’t smell that great, but I like that this one does smell nice.

As for the price tag, well I bought it for BD 4.20, but you can find this in the US less than $5 and about the same in pounds in the UK. All in all, great product with a drugstore price tag. What’s not to love?

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