Wednesday, September 21, 2011

whats In My Make Up Bag

I love looking around for make up and actually buying stuff to own them but I don't really use much make up on my face day in and day out. I try and keep it as simple as possible. This post is about what i carry around in my bag everyday for application on the go. I don't put on make up every day but i keep this little make up bag with me at all times JUST IN CASE!

^ I got this little bag from Forever21 in Dubai in the summer when i went with my cousins on a trip there over the weekend. I love how its so cute and floral but also quite small in size but seems to hold a lot of stuff!

^ My foundation is MAC studio fix in NC43. It comes with a little sponge under the foundation pot but i prefer to use this little brush i got at MAC as well but it came with a bronzer i bought a couple of years ago i think

^ Yes i use the same brush for blush even though i probably shouldn't as it sometimes still has left over foundation but i really love this brush and don't feel comfortable using any other one for my face. The blush I'm currently using is by MAC in pinch o' peach.

^ I'm not a big fan of pencil eye liner as you can see this eye liner isn't well taken care of but I keep it in the bag anyways. Its MAC smolder eye kohl

^ Two Maybelline mascaras. I've already done a review on these. Check it out for info>>

^^ Sorry about the horrible manicure. I was testing out one of the nail polishes i got from Aysha <3 <3 as a birthday present

^ I switch the lipsticks i have in the bag every once in a while but for the time being i like these two too much to change. YSL and MAC. The MAC is russian red. I don't know exactly what the YSL one is because it has too many number under it and I'm not sure which number is for what so i apologize for that.

^ Raspberry lip balm from The Body Shop because its too yummy to pass up! And finally some Labello Angel Star. I'm not really fond of this particular one but it's always dumped in and I never seem to take it out for some reason.

Hope you enjoyed this overload of photos and little notes!

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