Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Closet Organization tips & tricks


First off, I think the title of this blog post is a little misleading. I dont actually have a closet.. I wish I did! I actually have a couple of cabinets which I try to stuff masses of clothes into. Much of my clothing isnt actually in my cabinets, such as my PJs, undergarments, stockings, leggings and socks. These all live in drawers under my bed, and will not be shown in this article.

Okay so let's get into it then.. 
The setup of my room is quite small, and I didnt get my cabinets built in, like i've been planning on for the past year. So for now.. this is the two cabinets that I have. Both are purchased in Bahrain. The tall one is from Home Centre from a few years ago and the little one was gifted to me by my parents the year after that.

On top of the little one, I have a box which I put a lot of my stuffed animals in. I have quite a few, so putting them on display can make my little room look cluttered. Only two are displayed, both teddy bears, and they live on my bed most of the time.

Inside the little cabinet that I have, I put all of my jackets, hoodies, jumpers, blazers, etc. My cardigans, however, are in my big cabinet with my tops, because I use them quite a bit. Note that all my hangers are one color. This makes your closet appear much more organized and uniform.

In the little shelf on top, I put my swimsuits in a rectangular cloth bin, which I bought from IKEA I think last year. Next to that, I keep my sweatpants, because it's much more practical to keep them close to their matching hoodies (which are hung below with the jackets). My belts are in that brown wooden bin, and it's just so practical to be able to pull it out, get what I want and push it back in.

In the next cabinet, it is divided into 3 parts, the top part, bottom part and middle part. In the middle part, I keep all my short dresses, cardigans and most of my tops. My long dresses and evening gowns are stored in my mom's dressing room, because I cant hang them in my own closet.

Below that, I keep my train case, which contains all my makeup, and a couple of cardboard storage boxes.The top box has some costumes and such, and the one under it has fabrics, lace, ribbons and some sewing things.

The top part has two storage boxes as well. The one on the right has some board games, badge-making tool, etc. and the one on the right contains packaging from my electronic-y stuff. Like my camera, phone, straightener etc. Wedged in the middle is a box that has one very poofy black punk-rocker dress, which I designed myself for a costume thing back in highschool.

This is the other side of my closet, and as you can see it is divided into four parts. The topmost shelf has a few boxes of photos and nick-knacks in them. That mirror-like bag is a BCBG bag which contains a bunch of different bags from stores which are big, so I wanted to hold on to them for when I need a good bag.

The second part is where I put all my t-shirts and sleeveless tops. On the right I put all my tshirts (as you can see I have quite a few!) and on the left I put the sleeveless T-shirts.

Below that, on the third shelf, I keep my jeans and pants folded, and my skirts as well. In front of them is a cloth bin, like the one I keep my swimsuits in, but this one contains plain tank tops and tube tops.

On the bottom most part, I keep a box with all my hats, a bin that has my short-shorts (I have just a few) and my yearbooks.

Another thing that I always keep organized is my dresser...
 It may look a little cluttered, but I have a system, believe me.

On the right side of the mirror, I hang all my long necklaces. Along the top, I hang all my headbands and on the left side of the mirror I hang all my badges, medals, etc.

I also keep a tray which hold all my perfumes, moisturizer, toner, hair products and things that I use on a daily basis. This tray is a red synthetic snakeskin which I bought somewhere in city center a few years ago.

Next to that I have a bracelet holder, which is completely crammed. I should really get another one, or find a better way of storing my bracelets, because I would really like to remove things from my dressing table top.

The purple box isn't always open, like you see here. Usually I like to keep it closed. In it I store all my rings, a couple of wrist watches, some pins, and on the bottom most layer, a necklace which I wear a lot. I like to keep this on my dressing table because it keeps me from throwing my jewelry and accessories everywhere at the end of a long tiring day.

The first drawer contains the majority of my jewelry. They are divided into parts using shoe boxes! The first shoe box (from the right) has my necklaces, either in the original box it came in or in small clear plastic boxes so I can see through them. The next has my earrings, which I keep saying I will buy a mesh stand for my studs but I keep forgetting, and the one after that has some bracelets, brooches, etc. The rest of this drawer is all jewelry that still has its original box, or sets which I do not want to separate.

The second drawer has some cotton balls, cotton rounds, cotton ear buds, baby wipes, makeup wipes, clothes wipes, nail tools, hairbands and spare buttons. The box to the left has should hold my straightener and my blow dryer, and (I don't know why, exactly) some key chains.

The third drawer contains all things random. That thing in the middle that's wrapped with acid-free tissue paper is a ceramic Spanish doll that my parents bought me from Spain when I was about 3 years old. I keep it safely in there until I find a safe place I can display it. The drawer also has some lint-roller refills, an empty plastic box (?), some guitar and camera straps, a small Bahraini flag, some sunglasses and wrist watches.

So that's how I organize my clothing and accessories.  Sorry if it seems a little cluttered. It really isn't, it's just that I have a lot of stuff in a little room. If I end up getting some closets built in, I'll definitely do an updated closet tour/organization tips post, but for now I have to settle with this!

Thank you for visiting cosmeticcraving and hope this helped you all! If there are any questions or requests, do not hesitate to ask! Hope to see you here again and don’t forget to follow if you haven’t already!

All opinions are genuinely mine and 100% honest.

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