Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Finally, my very own UNII palette


I’ve been waiting for this baby for over 2 weeks now and I was SO excited when it came in the mail! How can a tiny little package bring someone so much joy?

…no, I am not referring to a newborn baby.


After drooling over it for months and months and reading multiple reviews about it, I decided. I’m finally getting it. I get on the website and order mine in the color ‘snow’. I was so overwhelmed by the color choices! They're all so pretty! (I'll link the website below so you can see for yourself) 2 weeks later, it arrives at my doorstep.

I must say, even after stalking this product for months, thinking I knew it inside out, I was still pleasantly surprised. Everyone gushed about the amazing quality of the plastic, but I must have underestimated it because when I got it I was so impressed. It’s made very nicely, it closes and opens quite well, and it extremely sturdy. It comes with care instructions for cleaning, and you can tell that this product will last a very long time (I see myself growing old with this thing).

The package includes a strip of magnet, which can be cut and stuck onto the pan, a magnetic thumb grip which your thumb can rest on when you hold your palette, and the palette itself, which has a very nice big mirror inside.

The second I got it I loaded it up with some blushes, a few neutral-shades eye shadows, and a tiny little blush brush (which is actually a freebie from NIVEA my mum got when she bought something from them).
This palette is quite compact too, so it’s great if you just want to pop it in your bag and go. I’ll probably be depotting a bronzer and a pressed powder to put in here instead of a couple of blushes and eye shadows. Then my palette will be complete! (If you have an overly-sharpened tiny little eyebrow pencil or eyeliner it will fit in here too!)

So glad I bought this, and I totally recommend you get this, because it is totally customizable for your individual needs. You’ll also save a ton of cash when buying eye shadows in pan form, rather than the whole thing. If you run out of magnets, you can always use fridge magnets (the thin sheet kind) or simply buy them online! I know a lot of people do.

RATING: 5/5!

Here's a link to their website so you can get yours:
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