Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Boots I love!

Since fall is practically here, and winter is on its way, I've been obsessing over boots lately. I cant wait to break out some of my favorite boots that have been in hibernation all summer long!

There are basically a few types of boots I like: knee-high, peep toe, booties, riding boots, etc.

Here's a few great ones and some of the boots I own.

First: The Peep-toe bootie
 I bought my first pair of peep-toe boots last year, when I was feeling especially brave. They were a pair of lace-up tan booties with about a 4 inch heel from ALDO. They were absolutely gorgeous and I got a lot of great compliments on them.

As you can see, they've worn quite well. The leather has a textured wear but the quality of the laces, hooks, heel and stitching has not changed one bit. I always felt that ALDO makes great looking footwear, but that the quality was not particularly great. These, however, are amazing and have great quality.

I also quite love these boots from ALDO as well:
they have the same lace-up feel, but a much tougher look.

A few months ago, I bought this particular pair from H&M in Spain. They're the kind of shoes people stop you on the street and compliment you on (which actually happened to me).

These are a little on the heavy side, and do hurt my feet a little, but they are just so gorgeous I couldn't pass them up! I couldn't find them in any other H&M though, but do look for booties with a ruffle on them. They are just so unique and feminine, and add an unexpected flare to your outfit. These go great with jeans or skirts and I wear them with both!

Here's another ruffled bootie I've been DYING over. You can get them in black too, but I feel the beidge ones are just so much more elegant.

These are from ZARA and you can get them here:

The "secret wedge" boots

These boots have survived about 3 years of rain, dust, sand and just about any extreme weather condition. I've worn these on a boat and gotten them completely wet with saltwater one winter, I wore these to the desert and gotten them so dusty and dirty and I also wore these through rain, although I'm not supposed to because they're made of cloth!!

I call these my Secret Wedge boots because they have a secret wedge inside. They give me extra height (2.5-3 inches) without anyone knowing. They also fold down or up, but I usually like to wear them up. To maintain their shape, I keep a rolled up magazine in there.

Riding boots
Often do I find myself drooling over a pair of Ralph Lauren riding boots, and to no surprise I loooooved the ones that are on the website now. These are absolutely to die for.

I would looove to have thesee! I would wear them with leggings or jeans tucked in!

Flat boots
These were bought in a time of need when my feet were going to die. I was basically walking uphill in ballet flats all day and the pain numbed my feet so bad, so I had to go out at night and buy a pair of shoes. Good thing I did too, because the next day it rained pretty badly!

I bought these for about 10 euros at a small boutique in Spain. They are soo comfortable and I love them! I bought these at the end of winter, so I really didn't wear them much, but I absolutely can't wait to wear them this winter.

Now I am not usually a fan of Uggs. I always felt like Uggs were ugly, bulky and just not worth it! But when I saw these I fell in love! Me and Yazzi (the other blogger in this blog) co-own these. Long story! They're a gorgeous studded pair for the lazy days when it is just too cold to bother! They are so incredibly warm but i must warn you! They are not waterproof!

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