Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Devil Wears Prada clothing analysis!

So today’s post is more of a commentary kind of thing. It’s on the fashion in one of my FAVORITE movies of all time; The Devil Wears Prada.

I was watching it today and decided I should comment a little on the clothes…

Now, I think we could all agree that her fashion sense at first was disastrous to say the least. The layers upon layers of lumpy materials made ME feel suffocated just looking at her, especially her first outfit. But it’s not just the clothes. It’s the hair! The hair is killing me! Her hair has the exact same haircut throughout the entire movie, only at first it’s just not brushed. All she needs to do is run a brush or a straightener or something through her hair!

Anyway, so back to clothes… I must admit at first they were quite plain, didn’t fit well and just were inappropriately paired. Here are my notes on everyone’s clothes (good, bad and ugly!):

·         Firstly, I hate that weird thing that Emily is wearing. It looks like a weird poncho kind of thing, only with studs on one side. It’s too harsh of a look and the makeup really doesn’t help.

·         When Miranda first walks in with that Prada bag, I have some mixed feelings. I love the bag, the color is fantastic and the leather looks amazing, but I guess I just dislike anything that has a great big designer logo on it. I guess it does kind of look great on this particular piece, now that I think about it. I like her outfit though… Not the coat, but the dress. It’s a great versatile piece. Every girl needs a dark colored, long-sleeves dress that is no longer than knee-length for the chilly weather. You can mix and match it, accessorize it up or down, and layer it as the weather becomes colder. Here, Miranda pairs it with a dark brown leather belt, hoop earrings, sheer patterned stockings and closed-toe pumps.

·         Miranda’s clothes the next day were also very nice. A simple black dress with a sequined cardigan. Loooove the cardigan. It adds some much-needed texture to an otherwise flat dress. The necklaces and earrings are quite nice too.

·         When Andy was having that breakdown followed by the realization that she wants to change: hey the skirt, shoes and stockings were nice. I think her top just should have been changed and she would look great!

·         While Nigel was giving Andy a makeover, he was practically throwing clothes at her and I noticed one horrible, horrible thing. The poncho. I’m not just saying that because I’m hateful towards ponchos... I honestly think it’s horrible and should be burned! The color... The texture... Horrid. Why would someone wear that piece of road kill?!


 ·         When she walks in to the office all completely transformed: GORGEOUS BOOTS. Chanel. SO CUTE! They’re thigh-high black leather. My friends, I believe that is the true essence of sexiness: to be able to pull off those boots without looking like a hooker. She looked so classy! So very preppy-chic. Also love the gold layered necklace that she was wearing. That would go great with EVERYTHING. Even a white T. Hate the bag though: No. Just no. On so many levels, no.

·         In the song following “The Great Makeover” as I like to call it, you see shots of her crossing the street and all that in super-chic winter coats, and I want every single one, by the way. The orange beanie, not very sure about, but the rest of the outfit was quite nice and I like her boots a lot.

·         At some point she walks into the office and she’s wearing a short dress and a camel patent leather coat and a little clutch. Love the dress, love the clutch, love the shoes, HATE THE COAT. It was too cheap-looking.

·         Her outfit right after that, when she was holding the door (same one from the James Holt party) is absolutely gorgeous. It’s a great outfit for the summer. Love the boots and ADORE the bag. If you know me, you know I adore bags.

·         I also like the dress she was wearing while she was running around looking for the Harry Potter unpublished manuscript. I like that it’s longer in the back than it is in front and I like the belt that she paired with it too.

 ·         I love Andy’s outfit when the Emily disaster happened. That butterfly shirt is a perfect versatile little flow-y top that I love! It’s also a little sheer so it’s very sexy in that manner.

·         At the Runway party celebrating the age of fashion, I love both Emily and Andrea’s dresses. They were both gorgeous.

·         The Paris clothes: all of them. What’s not to like?! All: love, love, love. The red lipstick also makes everything just so much more elegant.

·         Last but not least, Andy’s last outfit of the movie: A simple pair of dark wash jeans tucked into knee-high boots, a black turtleneck, and a brown leather jacket. Perfect, effortless, casual chic. It’s something anyone, with any body type or size can pull off. Also like the long necklace. Not that one in particular, just any long necklace will do.

I hope you liked this kind of post, and if you like, I could do more of these. I absolutely love dissecting outfits! Especially the ones from my favorite movie.

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  1. hi!!the 12 photo when you say Her outfit right after that, when she was holding the door (same one from the James Holt party) is absolutely gorgeous. It’s a great outfit for the summer. Love the boots and ADORE the bag. If you know me, you know I adore bags.
    you know the model of this boots??? i like but i don't find it in anywhere!! thanks Irene

  2. It's funny how different things appeal to different people. I totally loved that poncho and I was hoping to see it on her at one point. It's such a visual treat to watch that movie with all of those great clothes! Thanks for reminding me of the movie!

  3. Hi what is the brand/model of that butterfly top ? Thanks