Sunday, August 28, 2011

Purr by Katy Perry

Hello everyone!

So this is my very first blog post and honestly I'm quite excited! Not only about the new blog, but also about Katy Perry's perfume 'Purr'!

I know I'm a little slow on this one, but I only just decided to check it out. Now usually I wouldn’t be raving over celebrity-endorsed scents. Not because I dont like them, but because the majority of which are too sweet or just generally too harsh-smelling. But I think I was a little too quick to judge. I've been sampling a few and although some were overpoweringly sweet, others--such as this wonderful scent--I found to be quite yummy!

Here’s a photo of how it looks:

Now quite obviously the bottle is adorable, and being a cat-lover myself, I found it irresistible. I feel like the bottle is very well designed, and generally feels quite “expensive”. It even sprays quite nicely, which I know is an odd thing to say, but it’s one of the things I notice first about perfumes. The colors suit the scent quite well and the little collar even jingles like a little cat toy. So irresistible!

So irresistible, in fact, that I had to go in for myself and try it! And honestly, it is quite worth the hype! The scent is not too sweet or too fruity, like many of the celebrity-ish perfumes are. It is a great scent for all year round especially as a transition scent from summer to winter. 

Since I’m terrible at describing scents so I’m just going to put in the description here:
“peach nectar, forbidden apple, jasmine blossom, Bulgarian rose, vanilla orchid, with accents of creamy sandalwood and musk.”

That sounds about right, although… What exactly is “forbidden” apple?? 

Regardless, this perfume lasts all day! I sprayed some on at the store around lunch time and by the time I got home that night I still smelled amazing! It is an au de parfum which is also a little something special about this, since most perfumes are actually au de toilette, which has a higher amount of alcohol in it, and does not stay as long.

The price is quite reasonable too; it was for BD 24, which is about $65 for the big one, whereas the smaller one is $45.

In a nutshell, I recommend this perfume for everyone! It is quite nice, it looks and smells amazing and is affordable. It is available exclusively in Sephora I believe.

What do you think about this perfume?

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