Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Nail colors of Fall/Winter 2011!

So since fall is coming up I’ve been eyeing some nail colors that I thought were absolutely gorgeous for the season. Having been inspired by the NY Fashion week for Autumn/Winter 2011, I scouted out some of the colors used on the runway and found a nail lacquer to match the trend!

            The first color I found absolutely gorgeous is jade, which signifies a big comeback for the jewel tones this season. This MAC nail lacquer in ‘Jade Dragon’ is absolutely gorgeous and perfect for the season:

A more affordable recommendation would be ‘Moody Model’ by H&M. This color is not quite like the MAC shade in the sparkliness or vibrancy of the color, but is beautiful and edgy nonetheless and I will personally have this on most days for the rest of this year:

The next color that is perfect for fall would be a deep burgundy or crimson color. I recommend New York Color’s ‘Wing it wine crème’ (color number 121A) which is a shade I have been loyal to for quite some time now. It does go on a little bit sheer on first application, but is opaque on the second coat. It is a long wearing nail polish, so once you have your top coat on don’t expect this beauty to budge for the next few days!

Another color that is an absolute must-have when it comes to jewel tones is deep purple. Now, although I haven’t really bought any deep purple nail polishes in the past, I think I will definitely be getting into this trend this season and I owe it all to this amazing (and amazingly affordable) color by Revlon! It’s called ‘Plum Night’ and I think I should seriously try to get my hands on this color or something a lot like it!

If this color looks familiar, it’s probably because it is a lot like OPI’s ‘Lincoln park after dark’.
Dark blue is one of those colors that I am no stranger to! I absolutely love blues and especially on my toes. When it’s summer I’ll rock a lighter, almost baby blue hue, but this winter it’s all about going dark! This shade—also by MAC—is absolutely gorgeous! It’s ‘biker blue’ and I think this color is to die for! It has a slight shimmer which comes across beautifully on the nails.

If ever a good time to wear black it would be this season! This is a nail color that is always found in my makeup bag during the winter season because it can make any outfit that much edgier. The one I have been using religiously is OPI’s ‘Black Onyx’:

An all time favorite fall color of mine is… WHITE! I know it goes totally against what I’ve been saying this entire post with the going darker for the colder seasons, but white is one of those colors that I think are a great statement nail color for any season. Make sure to get a glossy version though, or else your nails will look sloppy, as if you’ve painted them with corrector ink!

What are some of your favorite nail colors for the upcoming season?

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