Saturday, October 29, 2011


So a when little birdy (called VOGUE UK) told me that Versace was designing a line in collaboration with H&M, I was stoked! Quickly I got on their website and checked out the collection!
Will definitely be keeping my eyes open on November 17th, when the line will be released in H&M stores worldwide. I’M SO EXCITED!!!
Here are a few items I’ve been drooling over from that line:

Leather jacket (£149.99)

One of my FAVORITE pieces from this collection!! Love the detail at the waist, elbows and shoulders! It's just so beautiful!
This brightly colored bag (£99.99)
Loving the bright colors and cute detailing in the hardware! The print is so unique to Versace. The strap is also very unusual.. I dont think I've seen a handbag that looks like this before. It's just so edgy and gorgeous!
Red silky dress (£49.99)
A very sexy, classy dress from the collection. I love the way the material drapes and extends in the back; it makes the dress look as if it's been wrapped around your body.

Purple cut-out dress (£79.99)
Sexy and sweet, all rolled into one purple dress.. Perfection? I think so!
Light pink silk dress (£129.99)
This dress is just so feminine, so pretty, so delicate... The color is just gorgeous and it really compliments the studs! I also like the leather version of this dress (£179.99) shown below:

SO CUTE!! God, I'm dying here! Cant wait until this collection is released!!!!I would wear this dress with a pair of Sam Edelman shoes and stick-straight hair. GORJAS!

Here's a pic of Donatella Versace herself wearing the dress:
Looking good, Donatella!

Those were some of my absolute favorite! Might snag a thing or two when the collection is finally released in November! Can’t wait!

For more from the Versace for H&M line, go to to see the whole collection!

What are your favorites?

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