Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Melt-proof lipstick: Christian Dior

I often have a problem with lipsticks. I much prefer them to gloss, mainly because of the texture and feel on my lips. But one problem that they have, unlike lip glosses, is that they melt. And I am the worst with keeping track of my lipsticks. I often forget them in pockets for days and days, or like 2 months ago, I will leave it in my car.

The problem with leavings lipsticks in your car is that if the weather is hot, they WILL melt. Many of my bodyshop lipsticks melted in my car, one MAC lipstick and one by loreal too. So eversince my MAC lipstick melted, I've been really careful with them.

Unfortunately, it happened again. The lipstick I left (more like lost) in my car this time was a Dior lipstick. I was looking all over the place for it and just couldn't find it, so a couple of weeks ago, I just gave up on looking. Much to my surprise, when I reached under the seat the other day I found it down there. I quickly grabbed it, pulled off the cap expecting to find melted pink goo inside. But nope! The lipstick was absolutely fine and in good shape!

Here's what the lipstick color is. It's called rose shooting / pink scene in the color 568.

It's a very pretty pink shimmery color, suits about every skin type and it is SOOO moisturizing on the lips!!!! It's feels great! Definitely recommend the splurge on these!

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